12 Ideas for a Dashing Landscape

12 Ideas for a Dashing Landscape

1. Set the centre point of the park

By setting the centre point of the park, we can decide which other elements to add. The central point can be a small group of vegetation or a large object. The central point of the park can be a large tree in the middle.

2. Personal touch

A personal touch is something that represents you, like a signature. Statues or other trinkets in the garden can confirm the identity of the owner of the park.

3. High-low

Combine some plants that have different heights. The small green area will be wide because of the variety of high and low plants arranged in clusters.

4. Utilizing wood

Wood always managed to make the park so interesting. A group of wood elements can make the park look natural.

5. Rows of plants

It’s a long and narrow field. Plant one type of plant with close distance to bring green shades on the side of the house.

6. Red in the middle of the green

The backyard will be more interesting if there are plants with different colours among a group of green plants. Try to put the red plant in the centre and edge of the group of plants.

7. Old style garden

Take advantage of your old furniture to add the aesthetic value of a small garden. You do not have to follow the trend to have a charming backyard.

8. Flower plants near the wall

The walls can give the impression of rigid and narrow. Disguise its presence by planting a group of flower plants and shrubs along the wall.

9. Minimalist garden on very narrow land

The narrowest land can be utilised as a garden. The minimalist garden can also eliminate the impression of a rigid wall of the outer house.

10. Take advantage of the conditions around

Staying in an apartment or flats will not close your chances of having a dream park. Check all parts of the building and find unused parts, such as open space on the sidelines of the building.

11. Play the composition

Narrow land in a narrow area will be more interesting if it is laid out with a balanced composition. The plot of land in this picture is divided into three parts which are planted with grass on the left and right sides. The remaining land is used to arrange the stones according to the colour and size.

12. Park at the corner of the yard

The angle is the most easily engineered part. Take a good look at the page corners before deciding what to put there. Arranging a plant with several different lanes of its kind will make the page angle more enjoyable.

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