6 Mistakes in Home Decoration You Should Avoid

Have you ever felt home decor look less fit? It feels like you’ve chosen good and interesting things with high quality. Even from the beginning, you’ve made a list of various unique and beautiful items to put in a new home.

However, somehow they look unappealing when being put together. You’ve been looking for a variety of interesting displays from stores and exhibits, but it looks strange after being displayed all together at home. It could be that you’re doing one or more home decorating mistakes.

6 Mistakes in Home Decoration You Should Avoid

1. Proportion Mistakes

Proportion is something to be considered, most of the time it ends up wrong. Too much or too little patterns, colours, and sizes can ruin the atmosphere.

You may use the flowered sofa, sofa cushion with various shades, the latest model curtains which are beautifully patterned, and the carpet is of high artistic value. However, you must consider the amount of it.

2. Blending More than Two Concepts

The second mistake of decoration is the blend of the original concept. What do you feel when you see interesting designs from the internet and magazines? Usually, you will be interested in all these designs and want to apply them at home. Mistakes occur when you want to try a blend of concepts, such as modern with minimalist, minimalist with ethnic, or modern with oriental.

You can combine different concepts. In fact, you can define different concepts in every room. Unfortunately, you sometimes want to feel all the atmosphere in one room. Combining too many concepts in the same room will actually make the room irregular.

3. The Size of the Goods Does Not Fit into Place

The next mistake is still related to the proportion, including the size of the goods or furniture. Always make sure every item you buy will be fitted right at home. Goods that are too big or too small will disturb the scene, but also make space utilisation inefficient.

4. Light Factor, Size, and Layout

When you look at design drawings from the internet as well as magazines, furniture and accessories will draw attention. To imitate the beauty, you buy some furniture and the same accessories, regardless of size, lighting, and room conditions.

In fact, the beauty of the house is not only determined on what furniture and accessories you buy. All of these items will be blend beautifully if they match the lighting and wall paint. Always make sure your room gets enough light, whether day or night.

5. Not paying attention to themes

This mistake is also very common. Buying the desired item will sometimes be a thing to regret. The item may even ruin the atmosphere and the theme of the existing room. In addition to financial losses, the room will look less attractive.

For that, before purchasing the item, ask yourself some of the following things: which parts need additional decoration? What colours dominate? What atmosphere would you like to create in the room? Will the goods to be bought can beautify the room?

The answers to these questions will help you stay on track and theme, so the room feels more comfortable.

6. Accuracy of proportion in decoration

The last home decorating mistake that is still often done by homeowners is the origin of putting the goods. The way you put things can have a significant impact on the beauty of the room.

In fact, you cannot just put stuff in space that is considered enough or still empty. Paintings and photographs that are hung, for example, should be placed at the right height, not too low or too high.

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