I was born and raised in Melbourne, where in 2000 I graduated in psychology from the evolutionary age at the Catholic University. From now on I have experienced on the field in contact with people with different disorders, covering the entire spectrum of currently recognized diagnostic classes.

My name is June. By overcoming the state of examination that enabled me to do my job, I gained the idea of ​​deepening what I studied, moved by the passion and curiosity of understanding what causes and “hiding” under the suffering manifestations that make up only one part of the psychic complexity.

So, my entry into the world of psychoanalysis has been fluid, and with it, the interest in the unconscious has been alive, a range of different sizes that open, open and close, always leaving – even in the most pathological situations – shadows to illuminate, creating a way out.

I finally came to the end of the specialisation in psychoanalytic psychotherapy a couple of years ago. I focus the attention on the dynamics inherent to the young planet; this has led me to develop a little understanding of how much it can disturb the serenity of children and adolescents.

Through my writings, I can share my knowledge and all useful things in this world to everyone.